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Häuser schwingender Luft 30 May 2014

Under the framework of Häuser schwingender Luft, the concert Auf der Brücke was held at 4:00pm, 30 May 2014 in Room E.37, Künstuniversität Graz (Brandhofgasse 21, 8010 Graz, Austria).

Fragments, on the Bridge I, II, III (2013) was performed by violinist Paul Tulloch, cellist John Popham, and myself as violist.

《斷章》卞之琳 (1910 - 2000)


Fragment - Bian Zhilin (1910 - 2000)
Du stehst auf einer Brücke und betrachtest die Landschaft,
Wer die Landschaft betrachtet, betrachtet dich von einem Turm.

Der helle Mond verschönt dein Fenster,
Und du verschönst den Traum eines Dritten.

Häuser schwingender Luft


SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong One Moment 2 October 2013

Over 30 works of music with an image by Hong Kong composers were premiered by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble on 2 October 2013 at 7:30pm in the venue Agnès b. CINEMA (Hong Kong Arts Centre 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong)

moment musicaux (2013) was performed by clarinetist Chi-shing Leung, violist William Lane and double-bassist Simon Hui.

The work is specically written for each member of the audience present at the concert. It is an approach towards a definition of Hong Kong, in which the members of the audience of the present concert, with all their particularities, are no less a part of Hong Kong than long-established impressions and social stereotypes. It is instead the definition of Hong Kong to be instantiated at the moment musical of the concert. This work takes on the challenge of an inquiry to a self-definition for the composers, performers, and particularly the members of the audience, who through the positive act of participating in this concert have, in no less degree than other life experiences, redefined themselves, and have in turn taken part in redefining Hong Kong. Commissioned by the Hong Kong Composers' Guild for the concert SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong One Moment.

SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong One Moment


Radio Slovenia Public Concert 10 July 2013

For the Balkan Tour of the composition class of Professor Klaus Lang in the Künstuniversität Graz, concert with works by Baek, Brezavšček, Kropfelder, Lang, McCartney, Ng, Takovska and Yu has been held on 10 July 2013 at 8pm in Studio 14, Radio Slovenia (RTV Slovenia, Tavčarjeva 17, Ljubljana) and broadcasted on 2 October 2013. The same concert programme has also been run in Marcedonia and Serbia during the tour.

toccata (2013) was performed by saxophonist Matej Bunderla.

Radio Slovenia Public Concert


Beijing Modern Music Festival 2013- Finale Concert 24 May2013

Under the framework of the 2013 Beijing Modern Symphony Composition Grand Prix, a concert of works by Liang, Yan, Tian, Ng, Holloway and Cannon was held at Beijing Concert Hall on 24 May 2013 at 8pm.

Nidra for Chamber Orchestra (2012) was performed by the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra with conductor Zhang Guo-yong.

Programme Note:

I believe in music as spiritual conveyor. The current work, drawing from knowledge of embodied cognition and meditative praxis, is an attempt to reach the spiritual through the corporeal, to resonate the mutual through the personal. The yoga practice of sleep-like meditation (yoga nidra), as well as the situation of sleep in general, have been my interest. In yoga nidra, the practitioner's attention is focused successively on each part of their own bodyin an effort to achieve a state of wakeful sleep. In the current work, musical materials are derived from the sounds, gestalts or other mental representations of the bodily self during the situation of sleep, including interoception (sensual information about our physiological condition such as gravity, pain or 'qi'), proprioception (feedback information about our movements), somatic motor control (voluntary muscular movement), habituation (desenisitization of repeating stimuli) and attentional focus, in an attempt to come closer to the personal realm through self-identification via the function of 'mirror neurons'. These elements are however abstracted and deviated in their forms of presentation, and are situated in various contexts in relation to other elements, serving to gear progressively toward the ritualistic goal of achieving a collective but qualitatively distinctive state of heightened private self-consciousness shared among audience.

Beijing Modern Music Festival 2013


German Consul General - Residence Concert 27 April 2013

Concert for over 60 guests was held at the residence of the German Consul General on 27 April 2013 featuring violist Ulrich von Wrochem and pianist Jacqueline Leung with works of Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann and Hong Kong composer Kelvin King Fung Ng.

conveyor I - determinism (2006) was premiered by violist Ulrich von Wrochem and pianist Jacqueline Leung.

German Consul General - Residence Concert


SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Snapshots 16 May 2012

The Composer Guild Ensemble premiered over 30 chamber miniatures by Hong Kong composers on 16th May 2012 (Wednesday) at 7:30pm in the Agnès b. CINEMA!, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Weekend Ritual (2012) was performed by clarinetist Chi-Shing Leung, violinist Pauline Tang and cellist Eric Yip.

SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Snapshots


Acanthes 2011 13 July 2011

Tombe de Sommeil (2011) is going to be performed by flutist Giulio Francesconi and pianist Vincent Leterme in the Concerts Acanthes 2011, at 2:30pm, 13 July 2011 in Salle l'Espanade, Arsenal de Metz, 3 avenue Ney, Metz, France.

Programme Note:

“To sojourn in just that other side, not to try to discern the invisible. that is the blind task of sleep.“ (Nancy, Tombe de Sommeil, 2007)
Consider that life comprises an endless chain of decision makings, I believe consciousness is the worst thing to lose in daily life. It is however with the exception of a daily recurring task - sleep, which necessitates the contrary.
This work intends to put into relief the act of musical expression through the biological situation of falling asleep. Informed by nature and evolution, the musical discourse establishes a stream of perceptual change as the aesthetic experience to be shared with the listeners.
The title of the work is from a book of the same name by the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.

"Pour tout séjour dans cet autre côté, de ne pas tenter de discerner l'invisible. c'est la tâche aveugle de sommeil. "(Nancy, Tombe de Sommeil, 2007)
Considérant que la vie comporte une chaîne sans fin de prise de décisions, je crois que la conscience est la pire chose à perdre dans la vie quotidienne. Cependant, il existe une tâche quotidienne récurrente qui fait exception, le sommeil, qui nécessite le contraire.
Cette œuvre se propose de mettre en relief l'acte d'expression musicale à travers la situation biologique de la tombée du sommeil. Inspiré par la nature et l'évolution, le discours musical établit un flux de changements de perceptions comme une expérience esthétique à partager par les auditeurs.
Le titre de l’œuvre est tiré d’un livre éponyme du philosophe français, Jean-Luc Nancy.

Ang Mo Faux in Hong Kong


HKNME - Ang Mo Faux in Hong Kong 16 November 2010

The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble features Ang Mo Faux from Singapore, with works by Wolfe, Cage, Ang Mo Faux, plus a premiere of Timing and Remembering - I (2010) for viola solo by Kelvin King Fung Ng, at 7:30pm, November 16 2010 in Gallery Exit (G/F, 1 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong).

Timing and Remembering - I (2010) is going to be performed by violist William Lane.

Programme Note:

Timing and Remembering is founded on the lability of psychological time. It concerns, among other issues, the timing of events (entrainment) and its deviation from expectation in both macroscopic and microscopic contexts and its resulting expressive functions, as well as the use of temporal cues, especially contextual ones that influence durational perception and shifts in different modes of temporal awareness. The axis along the strings, while also contributing to a combination of visual and aural modality that influences time perception, is symbolized as a timeline.

The title of the work is extracted from the title of the chapter "Timing and Remembering the Past, the Present, and the Future" by Richard A. Block and Dan Zakay in the book Psychology of Time (2008) edited by Simon Grondin. This work is dedicated to William Lane for my appreciation of his professionalism as an art director, and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, as an advocate of aesthetic diversity.

Ang Mo Faux in Hong Kong


HKNME Inter-Sections 2009 29 October 2009

The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and Chinese Music Virtuosi jointly presents Inter-Section Concert 2009, featuring music by Lam Bun-ching, Chan Hing-yan, Chen Yeung-ping, Hui Tak-cheung and Ng King-fung. meso- (2009) was performed by Leung Chi-shing, Loo Sze-wang, Deborah Waugh, James Boznos, Chiu Tan-ching and Laurent Perrin, and conducted by Perry So at 8pm, October 29 2009 in Osage Gallery, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Pre-concert talk at 7pm).

HKNME Inter-Section


New Generation 2009 Concert 11 June 2009
meso- (2009) was performed at the New Generation Concert 2009 by Martin Choy, Letty Poon, Leung Yan Chiu, Chin King, Choy Lap Tak and conducted by Wai Sing Fat in RTHK Studio One, Hong Kong. The programme was also broadcasted on RTHK 4 on 4 July and 9 July 2009. New Generation 2009


ACL 2009 2 April 2009
The Pale Bone from Dragon Spring (2008) is jointly performed at the 2009 Asian Contemporary Music Festival by the Karos Percussion Ensemble and IGNIS Ensemble in the Guro Arts Gallery, Seoul. Asian Contemporary