Kelvin King Fung Ng 伍擎峯

Kelvin King Fung NG (1985) was born in Hong Kong, and has studied composition in the Kunstuniversität Graz Austria with Klaus Lang and the University of Missouri-Kansas City USA with Chen Yi, Zhou Long, James Mobberley and Paul Rudy, as well as music and psychology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Works have been performed in various festivals including Acanthes, Asian-Pacific Contemporary Music Festival, Bejing Modern Music Festival, Darmstädter Ferienkurse as well as concerts in Austria, China, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States by distinguished and engaged artists and ensembles.

His works germinate from the core concern of ourselves as spatially and temporally co-existing beings, structuring available materials to examine conditions and issues arisen from such fact at the existential level, such as presence, consciousness and intersubjectivity. In this sense they possess a high degree of affinity with philosophical outputs from a.o. Nancy’s being-with and Rancière’s distribution of the sensible, and are able to utilise knowledge from a.o. anthropology, embodied cognition, semiotics as well as cultural and spiritual practices. Most of his works recruit the entire audio-visual sensory faculty and call for heightened attention and empathetic engagement from the audience.

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